Dimensions Festival: Full Line-Up Announcement for 2024 Event

Georgia Matthews

Dimensions Festival Completes Its 2024 Line-Up

Dimensions Festival, one of the most highly anticipated electronic music events of the year, has recently announced the final additions to its 2024 line-up. With an already star-studded cast of DJs and live performers, this year’s festival promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Added DJs:

  • Helena Hauff
  • Mala
  • Skee Mask
  • Saoirse
  • Sweely
  • Fumiya Tanaka
  • Paquita Gordon
  • Mad Miran
  • Willow
  • AliA
  • Quest
  • OMAR
  • O.BEE & Tomas Station
  • Youandewan & Laidlaw
  • Liquid Earth & Huerta

The addition of these talented DJs further showcases the festival’s commitment to curating a diverse and exciting music program. Each artist brings their unique sound and style, promising an eclectic mix of electronic music genres that will keep festival-goers moving to the beats throughout the event.

Live Performances:

In addition to the impressive DJ line-up, Dimensions Festival will also feature captivating live performances by Matthew Johnson and Admo. These talented artists are known for pushing the boundaries of electronic music, delivering immersive and dynamic experiences that engage both the mind and body.

The festival itself will take place from the 29th of August to the 2nd of September at The Garden Resort in Tisno, a stunning location renowned for its natural beauty and vibrant atmosphere. This picturesque setting provides the perfect backdrop for a truly extraordinary festival experience.

Notably, there are still exciting announcements to come for boat parties and Barbarella’s, adding even more anticipation to the festival. These additional events are known for taking the Dimensions experience to the next level, offering unique and intimate settings where attendees can dance the night away.

Previous Announced Acts:

  1. DJ Stingray 313
  2. Shanti Celeste
  3. Eris Drew
  4. Batu
  5. Todd Edwards
  6. Peach
  7. DJ Nobu
  8. DJ Fart In A Club
  9. Hamish & Toby
  10. Coast 2 Coast
  11. DMX Krew
  12. Radioactive Man

The previously announced acts set the bar high with their unparalleled talent and ability to deliver unforgettable performances. With such a diverse and exceptional line-up, Dimensions Festival 2024 is guaranteed to be a unique and immersive experience.

For more information about the festival and to stay updated on the latest announcements, visit the official Dimensions Festival website and prepare yourself for a journey into the world of electronic music unlike any other.

Camping options near The Garden Resort in Tisno

1. Tisno Camping:

If you prefer staying as close as possible to The Garden Resort, Tisno Camping is an ideal choice. With its proximity to the resort, you can easily access the festival grounds and all its amenities. Tisno Camping offers various options for campers, including pitches for tents, campervans, and caravans. They provide essential facilities such as showers, toilets, and electricity hookups.

Key features of Tisno Camping:

  • Close proximity to The Garden Resort
  • Options for tents, campervans, and caravans
  • Facilities like showers, toilets, and electricity hookups

2. Autocamp Jezera:

Another great camping option near The Garden Resort is Autocamp Jezera, located in the neighboring village of Jezera. This well-maintained campsite offers beautiful surroundings and a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for relaxing after a day of festival fun. Autocamp Jezera provides tent pitches, as well as spaces for campervans and caravans. The campsite facilities include clean toilets, showers, a restaurant, and Wi-Fi access.

Key features of Autocamp Jezera:

  • Located in the peaceful village of Jezera
  • Tent pitches, campervan, and caravan spaces
  • Facilities like toilets, showers, restaurant, and Wi-Fi access

3. Camp Slanica:

For those seeking a more secluded camping experience, Camp Slanica on the nearby island of Murter is an excellent choice. This campsite offers a tranquil environment surrounded by pine forests and crystal-clear waters. Camp Slanica provides spacious pitches for tents, campervans, and caravans. It also offers facilities such as showers, toilets, a restaurant, and a grocery store.

Key features of Camp Slanica:

  • Located on the picturesque island of Murter
  • Pitches for tents, campervans, and caravans
  • Facilities like showers, toilets, restaurant, and grocery store

All About Live Performances at Dimensions Festival

The Magic That Awaits You…

Dimensions Festival pulls in the crowd with its unique blend of genres, artists, and performances. So, let’s not dilly-dally—time to get down to brass tacks!

Brace Yourself For the Variety

You’d be kidding yourself if you thought this was just another music event. Dimensions Festival caters to everyone’s musical taste with a long list of diverse performances. Fans of techno, house, funk, and soul, electronic to jazz—it’s all there.

Notable Live Performances to Expect

With leading global artists showcasing their talent, the excitement keeps escalating from one performance to another. Here’s a small sneak peek:

  • Live electronic performances
  • Soul-stirring Jazz sessions
  • Techno sets to get your adrenaline pumping
  • And oh-so-much more

Locations that Amplify the Experience

The beauty of Dimensions Festival lies not only in the music but also in the unique locations it uses as performance stages. The Arena isn’t just a stage, but a 2000-year-old Roman amphitheater. How’s that for historical acoustics?

The Moat

Experience what it feels like to dance in a fortress trench – that’s right. The Moat, with its towering walls and world-renowned sound system is another unforgettable stage where you’ll witness some epic performances.

The Beach

Performances at Dimensions Festival are not confined to man-made stages. Feel the vibe get more intimate as you groove to the tunes with sand between your toes at The Beach.

An All-Encompassing Musical Journey

Do you see it now? The Dimensions Festival isn’t merely about the music. Every performance you witness here, every unique location, they all collaboratively orchestrate a symphony that you’ll remember for life.

Meet the Essential Artists: The Dimensions Festival 2024 DJ Line-Up Uncovered

A Night to Remember: The Headliners

So, who are the main acts driving us into euphoria come 2024’s Dimension Festival? Hold on to your headphones, folks!

  • DJ #1: World-renowned, consistently chart-topping and an A-lister in every sense. The beats they bring to the stage are simply second-to-none.
  • DJ #2: Their mixing style is a masterful blend of old school and innovatively fresh. They’ve proven themselves year after year, festival after festival.

The Rising Stars: Next Generation DJs

Dimensions Festival isn’t just about the present; it’s about the future. Here are the rising stars we should all keep an eye out for.

  • DJ #3: A truly innovative sound architect, this new wave DJ will keep you hooked with their trailblazing electronic beats.
  • DJ #4: Known for entrancing the crowd with their deep house vibes, this promising talent is one to watch.

Table Overview: The DJ Line-up

For a quick and easy to understand rundown of the line-up, see the table below:

DJ Genre Country
DJ #1 Genre #1 Country #1
DJ #2 Genre #2 Country #2
DJ #3 Genre #3 Country #3
DJ #4 Genre #4 Country #4

Preparing for the Unforgettable Experience

Can you picture yourself amidst a crowd pulsating to heart-thumping BPMs? Never forget, it’s the DJs that mark the essence of Dimensions Festival’s heart-pounding atmosphere! So, prepare yourself to groove to the beats of some of the best DJs in the world when the time comes for Dimensions Festival 2024.

The Takeaway

The Dimensions Festival 2024 DJ line-up promises to be nothing short of legendary. With esteemed veterans and impressive rising talents sharing the same stage, you’re sure to witness some of the most spectacular and energetic performances the electronic music scene has to offer. Get ready to lose yourself in the mesmerizing world of music with this diverse group of DJs. Remember, every pulse, every beat, every rhythm counts!

[DJ Line-up for Dimensions Festival 2024](https://dimensionsfestival.com/)

All-encompassing Music Genres at Dimensions Festival

Dimensions Festival is a musical haven. It offers an array of genres including techno, house, funk, soul, or jazz. Its diversity of performances caters to all music aficionados.

Vivid Electronic Performances

The festival boasts unrivaled live electronic performances. The exhilarating sounds and fervor of talented artists permeate the atmosphere, invoking an irresistible urge to move.

Absolute Jazz Experience

As a jazz enthusiast, it wraps you in soul-touching tunes that tingle your senses. The mesmerizing melodies and sophisticated improvisations will instill an insatiable need for more.

Pulsating Techno Sets

Dimensions Festival is also famed for its invigorating techno sets. Brace yourself for dance-filled nights defined by throbbing beats and enthralling rhythms.

Unique Locations and Architectural Backdrops

The festival capitalizes on historical sites, such as The Arena, a two-millennia-old Roman amphitheater. It offers a captivating blend of acoustic excellence and architectural beauty.

Enthralling Performances amid Trench Fortresses and Beaches

For a more private experience, visit The Moat, a stage in a fortress trench. Alternatively, Beach stage brings the unique experience of dancing on the sandy shoreline, synchronized with noetic harmonies and gentle waves.

The Magic of Dimensions Festival

Get ready to immerse yourself in a fabulous musical journey. The festival, covering various genres, first-class performances, and distinctive locales, assures unforgettable moments for all music buffs.