Fashion Tips: What 40 Year Olds Wear to Music Festivals

Eliza Williamson

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Mastering the Art of Festival Fashion at Any Age

Ever found yourself wondering, “What should I wear to a music festival in my 40s or 50s?”

Well, I certainly have. And I’m sure I’m not alone. Why should all the festival fashion fun be left to those in their twenties?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love seeing all the youth in their daring attire, but we seasoned citizens deserve our fashion moment too.

A 40-Something Approach to Festival Chic

Firstly, let’s cut the cliché that once you hit 40, fashion becomes either a minefield or a lost cause. In fact, it’s far from it. What’s the secret, you ask? The key lies in not just fitting in, but standing out and owning your age.

Rocking Festival Style in your Fabulous 50s

Similarly, if you’re wondering how to tackle the festival scene in your 50s, there’s no need to fret. There are no rules that say festival fashion diminishes with age. And believe me when I say that being 50 is far from being out of the fashion loop.

Intrigued with how to get heads turning your way at the next music festival? Stay tuned for the ultimate guide I’ve got coming up for you.

What Brings the Beats and Chic at a Music Festival for 40-somethings?

Well, we’ve all been there, right – standing in front of the wardrobe, contemplating the right outfit for a music festival? So, the question many of us in our 40s often ask ourselves is, “What are we supposed to wear?”

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Comfort First

We’ll kick things off on a comforting note.

Festivals can be long affairs, with hours of standing, walking, and dancing. Therefore, your first priority should be comfort. Comfortable clothing and footwear are vital to be able to enjoy the festival without any discomfort. Opt for loose, flowing fabrics, and stay away from anything too tight or restrictive.

When it comes to footwear, trudge the festival grounds in sneakers, or go rustic with some sturdy boots. You might be tempted by those fancy sandals, but trust me, your feet will thank you for choosing comfort over fashion.

Layers are Key

Festivals aren’t confined to daytime hours, they span into the cooler evenings too. Layering is your friend. Begin with a simple t-shirt, add a light sweater, and finish off with a statement jacket.

A light scarf could also be a great addition to keep you warm when temperatures dip, plus it doubles as a festival-ready accessory. Always keep in mind, layers are not just about warmth, they’re also about adding a pop of style to your outfit.

Make a Statement

Now that we’ve established comfort and function, let’s talk about that festival style. Deciding what to wear is an opportunity to display your sense of style. Bold colors, captivating prints, and unique accessories help turn your outfit into a showstopper.

From our collective festival experience, this mix works just fine:

  • A graphic t-shirt
  • Breathable jeans or funky shorts
  • A layer-able jacket
  • Comfy sneakers or boots
  • Some sequins to really pop
  • Fringe if it’s a western themed festival

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

The real wow-factor comes with the right accessories. See every festival as an opportunity to accessorize to your heart’s content. A wide-brimmed hat, retro sunglasses, and unique, handmade jewelry add that extra punch.

Stow your belongings in a stylish, hands-free bag, like a crossbody or a bum bag. Yes, bum bags – the 90s accessory that’s made a big comeback. Here you can check out how to glam up with this bold accessory.

And that’s it! Remember, when it comes to dressing up for a music festival in our 40s, we’re all about balancing comfort, practicality, and personal style.

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The Trendy Fifties: Music Festival Style Guide

Exploring Unconventional Fabrics

While most guides may tell you to stick to classical light and breathable materials, I’ve found that there’s much more room for creativity. Think velvet, silk, and intricate lace. These materials exude a certain level of sophistication without sacrificing your unique style. In fact, a velvet kimono or a lacy, billowing tunic can make a fabulous statement while keeping the festival spirit alive.

Embracing Something New

Choosing your festival attire in your 50s doesn’t have to mean playing safe. So no, we’re not suggesting denim or leather.

Based on my experience, mix and match with bold patterns or digital prints can be a game-changer. I like to experiment with Aztec prints, geometric patterns or abstract designs to keep my style fresh.

Ditching the Usual Footwear

Who said the only way to be comfortable during a music festival is to wear walking shoes?

Sure, we get it a lot. Yet, ornate sandals, decorated loafers, and chic moccasins can serve both style and comfort. The trick is to break them in well before the festival.

Rethinking Accessories

Forget about those worn-out, clichéd festival accessories.

Stand out from the crowd with vintage brooches, crystal necklaces, or oversized beads. Don’t shy away from experimenting with metal cuffs, vintage watches, or antique rings.

While hats and sunglasses are regulars at festivals, I’ve discovered the charm of stylish parasols. They not only protect you from the midday sun but also exude a timeless elegance.

A Novel Approach Towards Carrying Essentials

Typical backpacks or crossbody bags? Nah, we’ve got better ideas. How about a utilitarian belt bag or a chic fanny pack? In my opinion, they are both trendy and practical. Cleverly designed, they allow free movement while having your essentials right where you need them.

The Art of Making a Statement

Rather than sticking with the clichéd bohemian style, invent your look. Perhaps a Gatsby-style flapper dress or an 80s inspired neon outfit? Bright, outstanding colors, or dramatic black and white contrasts, can also make you stand out. Remember, festivals are a perfect time to express your individuality and creativity.

Fashion For Any Festival At Any Age

The most vital aspect to remember is, be bold, be creative, and be you.

Age is just a number and shouldn’t limit your unwavering spirit and passion for music. I hope my tips inspire you to let your hair down, hit the festival grounds, and make unforgettable memories, all while looking exquisitely stylish.

Let the music take control and don’t forget to enjoy every moment!

Dressing aptly for music festivals

I’ve found, when venturing to dress appropriately for a music festival in your 40s or 50s, crafting a look that blends comfort, style, and your personal flare is crucial. Being mindful to choose non-restrictive clothing, paired with comfortable shoes, aids in ensuring your ease during the event. Remember, layering your attire can add oodles of style while preparing you for cooler evening temperatures.

Use of unconventional materials

In case you are in your 50s, try experimenting with eclectic materials like velvet, silk, or lace. These materials will lend a touch of elegance to your festival ensemble. Dare to venture away from the familiar prints and patterns and embrace novel ones for that refreshing touch.

Choosing suitable accessories

When you think of accessories, push the boundaries by experimenting with retro-style brooches, bigger-than-life bead necklaces, or enchanting crystal pieces. You could even use a parasol, serving dual purposes- ones of class and of shielding against the sun. In lieu of the standard backpack, why not give a stylish belt bag or a fashionable fanny pack a try?

Conclusion: The importance of being you

In essence, being bold, tapping into your creative genius and remaining true to oneself is imperative. Remember, age is no hindrance in expressing your individuality and love for music. All you have to do is let loose, soak in the music fest atmosphere, create beautiful memories, while you exude immense style and fashion. As the beats take over, revel in every single second and bask in the joy!